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The Republican Crime Syndicate

Things are heating up in the Robert Mueller investigation as more and more of Donald Trump’s cronies are being indicted or flipping on the orange haired man child. The list keeps growing of people close to Trump who are being exposed for corruption. The list includes: Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman; Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor; Rick Gates, former business partner of Manafort; and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and ‘fixer’. One of Trump’s former campaign advisors, George Papadopoulos, just received a puny 14 day sentence for lying to the FBI. In addition to these crooks, there is also one of the first GOP congressmen to support Trump, New York’s Chris Collins, who’s been indicted on insider trading and California’s Duncan Hunter, who is accused along with his wife (who he promptly blamed completely) of misusing campaign funds.  Throw in corrupt former EPA chief Scott Pruitt, former HHS Secretary Tom Price, Donald Trump Jr., who may be implicated because of his Trump Tower meeting and of course, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s current lawyer who looks like he came straight out of a mafia movie and has done nothing but constantly lie and embarrass himself since he was hired by Trump. It’s a rogue’s gallery of con artists who could have easily rubbed elbows with the likes of Capone against the FBI G-men in the 1920s and 30s. Hey, whaddya’ know…Trump is fighting against the FBI just like those hoodlums.

The indictments are now prompting America’s CEO/Dictator to become unglued. He has accused Attorney Confederate General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III of hurting Republican chances in the midterms.  He continues his assault on the free press stating that it is the ‘enemy of the people’.  Bob Woodward’s new book release paints a pretty dismal picture of the Trump White House and has Trump champing at the bit. Now the orange megalomaniac is blowing his top with his own staff because of a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times which pretty much states that Trump is an addle-brained lunatic incapable of making sound decisions.

So, logically with all this mounting evidence of a completely incompetent and dangerous administration, why aren’t the supposedly ‘morally superior’ Republicans removing the orange haired man child from office? Like we’ve said in previous posts, the Trump administration is doing exactly what the Republican’s corporate overlords want him to do; provide daily distractions in the media while the Republican corporate lackeys in the Senate, House and the courts systematically dismantle laws and regulations therefore enabling the corporate oligarchy to reap enormous wealth in the process. If that means breaking the law, then so be it. The Republican party is no longer a party; their actions indicate they are now a crime syndicate worthy of praise from the Godfather himself.

With so many indictments of Donald Trump associates, twenty-first century Republicans can no longer call themselves a party; they're a crime syndicate.

With so many indictments of Donald Trump’s associates, twenty-first century Republicans can no longer call themselves a party; they’re a crime syndicate.


Rich, Good: Poor, Bad

If you’ve had doubt about where the Republican priorities stand, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz has clarified the GOP’s position quite clearly within the last couple weeks. Chaffetz, the smuggest congressman alive and the head of the House Oversight committee, recently conjectured that Donald Trump is rich already, therefore he cannot possibly be corrupt and looking into Trump’s conflicts of interest in connection with Russia is just a waste of time. And don’t even mention all the fraud with the Trump foundation. Chaffetz thinks nothing is wrong there despite Trump admitted to self-dealing. All Chaffetz wants to do is investigate Hillary Clinton.

So the rich aren’t corrupt, eh? Just let that sink in for a minute or so. There’s a whole laundry list of rich people who’ve committed white collar crimes. Just go back to the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 and the Great Recession and the sub prime mortgage fiasco. Or how about the Enron scandal. Tons of greedy CEOs and corporate plutocrats who got off scot free with all the loot. Basically Chaffetz seems to be saying that only people who don’t have money could possibly be corrupt and that people who are rich are above silly laws and regulations. Plutocrats —> good; working poor —> bad.

Remember when Pussygate erupted, Chaffetz said he couldn’t possibly support Donald Trump. But Trump is president now, so Chaffetz is just going to look the other way as are all the other ‘ethical and moral’ Republicans. Chaffetz has shown such partisanship and lack of integrity as a congressman that he cannot be trusted to do his job and police his own party. Like The Atlantic said in their article, you might as well call his committee the House Overlook Committee. There are a lot of people angry at Chaffetz as evidence by his town hall meeting back in February. Maybe, just maybe, he and a ton of other Republicans will be ousted in 2018.

Smuggest congressman alive, Jason Chaffetz displays his faultless logic as head of the House Oversight Committee that plutocrats are saintly angels and poor people are corrupt vermin.

Smuggest congressman alive, Jason Chaffetz displays his faultless logic as head of the House Oversight Committee, that plutocrats are saintly angels and couldn’t possibly be corrupt.