From May 19, 2003 to May  26, 2009,  the satirical webzine BilgeBucket Gazette blazed a brilliant trail of hilarious parody, rapier wit and insightful humor across the Internet delighting people from 1 to 92. OK…yeah…that’s a stretch… but somehow, the Bucket, as the ‘groovy’ kids called it,  managed to publish 94 issues. Back in the day, we were located in a 400 sq. foot office in the Cactus Dreams strip mall in Arizona’s trendiest suburb, Cactus Corners, Arizona, and had a crackerjack staff of eight semi-alert, barely motivated writers. Now, there are three remaining suckers running the whole operation from staff member Chester Einstein’s un-airconditioned tool shed, a veritable paradise during the balmy Arizona summer.

The Bucket has published many ‘funny’ articles, photo-toons and features since ’03, (pronounced ‘aught 3’ around these parts). And we plan to not only create new entertaining pieces but also re-publish the best of our delightful creations from ’03 to ’09, whether people like it or not. There are plenty of wacky celebrities, politicians, athletes, actors, ordinary citizens and religious folk in the world who need a good ribbing, so without further adieu, let’s shovel it to the public, just like the real media!

The BilgeBucket staff is:

Dex RexterDex Rexter is the editor-in-chief of the Bilge Bucket Gazette, raconteur and all-around swell guy.  His hobbies include eating pickled herring, rescuing cute little kittens and puppies and getting a weekly paddling from Mistress Spankarella. His tireless efforts in the pursuit of publishing quality satire have inspired many to stop surfing the Internet completely.  

Chester EinsteinChester Einstein is a fourth cousin, three times removed of Albert Einstein… the pre-eminent plumber from Queens, New York… not the famous physicist. He lives in Cactus Corners, Arizona, where he runs a cactus grooming business and assists with writing articles for the Bucket. This cantankerous but fun-loving fossil has had numerous jobs in his long illustrious career such as: spittoon cleaner, stepstool, cannon fodder, extra on ‘Leave it to Beaver’,  advisor to Barry Goldwater,  carnie geek, back up singer for the Supremes, extra on ‘Mannix’, groove merchant, dartboard, advisor to George McGovern, extra on ‘Debbie Does Dallas’, manure engineer, arts and crafts docent, advisor to Walter Mondale, transporter of nuclear waste, sandwich artist, Jerry Springer guest wrangler and O Magazine writer to name a few.

Lamebeard the PirateWhat’s a satire webzine named the BilgeBucket without a pirate, amirite? Lamebeard the Pirate is Cactus Corners’ only pirate. He patrols Cactus Corners Lagoon every hot, sweaty, Arizona afternoon in complete pirate attire on his mighty paddleboat, the S.S. Cactus Wren with his good friend Captain Morgan  One thing’s for sure: Lamebeard’s photo-toon creations will have you saying Arrrgggh!