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Happy Festivus To All, And To All A Good Night

Happy Festivus to everyone, especially Bill O’Reilly!

Happy Festivus aluminum pole

Imperial President? We think NOT!

We mentioned a few posts back that the Republicans have been whining that President Obama is acting like he’s a king or an imperial dictator. As usual, the GOP’s bluster is at odds with the facts. President Obama has had the lowest number of executive orders to date of any two term president in the last one hundred years. Here’s a handy dandy chart detailing the numbers and showing that Obama definitely is NOT an imperial president. He needs 97 just to catch ol’ Dubya and he needs 187 to catch St. Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of conservative Republicans everywhere. So the next time you hear a Republican whining about Obama being a king, just waive these numbers in their smug, little faces.

President Obama has had the lowest number of executive orders to date of any two term president in the last one hundred years.

'Imperial President' Barack Obama needs just 97 more executive orders to catch the 'bestest president ever' George W. Bush.


Cheney’s No Brainer

Just in time for the holidays…Torture!  Yes nothing exemplifies holiday spirit like torture(you have to admit, forced family fun is a kind of torture.) The Senate Intelligence Committee(what an oxymoron!) recently released a 528 page summary(the original is 6000 pages) that explains in detail that the CIA used various forms on detainees from 2001 to 2006 and kept it hidden from government officials and the American people. Dick Cheney, who in 2006 called torture a no brainer,  has even been making the rounds again claiming he’d do it all over again. Yes, America has proudly placed itself in the pantheon of torturing nations like Russia, North Korea, Iran and Syria. What great company we’re keeping, eh? We dug up a photo-toon from our November 13, 2006 issue where America’s most notorious war criminal defended waterboarding to a pliant, sycophantic media. All we have to say about Mr. Cheney and his asinine commentary is  “WHAT A DICK!

Dick Cheney says waterboarding is a 'no brainer'.

Vice President Dick Cheney recently commented that using waterboarding techniques on detainees is a 'no-brainer'.


A Fine Red Whine With Your Immigration Reform

President Obama sure got the crybaby Republicans in a hissy fit with his executive order on immigration reform before the Thanksgiving holidays. You’d think he declared himself King of the World, but that’s exactly how many Republicans saw his action. They’ve been crying like the little crybabies they are ever since. Of course, they’ve been doing that ever since Obama became President. It’s really quite baffling considering that all Presidents going back to Eisenhower, have issued executive orders on immigration. Yes, even St. Ronald Reagan gave an executive order on immigration. But today’s GOP members conveniently forget those facts. They’d rather build their case that Obama’s a tyrant and needs to be impeached, despite Obama having the fewest number of executive orders of any two term President in the last one hundred years. It’s funny how one minute, Republicans say that Obama’s a pussy and needs to take off his mommy pants when dealing with Syria, Iran or Russia and then the next minute he’s a blood thirsty monarch forcing his will on the American people or  just giving away the country to any foreign nation. Yes, the Republican Fear and Noise Machine, powered by Fox News, is working just fine; spreading fear and misinformation to all Americans…a fine, red whine just in time for the holidays!

GOP crybaby Senators and Congressman call Obama an Emperor and threaten impeachment because he's doing his job.while Republicans sit around and say no.

GOP congressman are crying and whining over President Obama’s recent executive order on immigration, which was necessary because Republican led House completely failed to their job and pass legislation on an immigration reform this year.