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It’s A Festivus Miracle

We’ve been enjoying our break from commentary about current events so much that we’ve decided to extend our vacation until after New Year’s Day 2021. We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of the Trump machine failing and sputtering monumentally at overturning the election. But like we’ve pointed out after the election, it’s incredibly disturbing that 126 GOP lawmakers and 19 state’s Attorneys General actually signed on to overthrow the election results to keep their authoritarian leader in power. Fortunately, the Supreme Court rejected it thus preserving democracy in America at least temporarily . . . until the next lame ass Republican effort. Was it a Festivus miracle? Er . . . no . . . but democracy is not well in this country. We’ll use a coronavirus analogy to illustrate the unfortunate and inconvenient truth: American democracy is still alive, but it’s on a ventilator.

With that dismal grievance filed, we’d still like to wish everyone a Happy Festivus! And to the Trump family and all the enablers, sycophants and zombie supporters of the orange-skinned petulant man child, we think you know where you can stick the Festivus pole.

Happy Festivus aluminum pole