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Reality Check

NASA released a fantastic photo this past week depicting the Earth as a pale blue dot through the rings of Saturn. The photo was taken by the Cassini space probe that is in orbit studying the giant gas planet and it’s moons. This picture brings to mind other humbling NASA shots like the photos of the Earth and the moon together taken by numerous spacecraft(here, here and here) and the ‘family portrait’ of the Earth and the other planets in our solar system from Voyager as it left our solar system in 1990. Everything that we know and all the history of humanity and life as we know it has originated from that tiny grouping of pixels. Clone stamp it in Photoshop and suddenly, no Earth exists. However, the rest of the Universe keeps going even if we humans and our mythologies and religions disappear. Just think of how advanced our civilization would be if all children started learning about astronomy instead of religion in grade school.

The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn sends a reality check to all religious people on the pale blue dot called Earth.


Top Royal Baby Names

The world is going nuts over Royal Baby Mania! Why? We have no idea. For some reason, people are going gaga because some rich, privileged young couple, who happen to be a duke and duchess in an archaic, mostly for show monarchy that has no relevance in a modern democratic world, have just had their first son. Yay!  Now comes the hard part. What name are they going to give this lil’ guvnuh and future King of Britannia. Well, we’ve thought about this a long time…ahem…actually we just slapped it together at the last second…and we’ve come up with a jolly good list of names for the lil’ bloke. We can hear it now…(trumpet clarion) Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you…

  • Prince ‘Enery
  • Prince Spanky
  • Prince Wang Peng 
  • Prince Nigel Smythe Googlyham Witherford Helmsley
  • Prince Big Unit
  • Prince Voldemort
  • Prince Bubba
  • Prince Funkmaster G
  • Prince Slappy
  • Prince Snake
  • Prince Jesus
  • Prince Prince
  • Prince Dick
  • Prince Awesomeo

Paranoid States of America

The verdict from the George Zimmerman trial is in and unbelievably he was found not guilty. Right wingers and gun nuts have declared victory for justice in America. Really? Well, it is a golden age for gun makers since everybody and their brother will be buying up arms, especially in Florida, so they don’t feel threatened. So just remember folks: if you’re walking down the street all locked and loaded and itching to shoot and you see some young hooligan wearing a hoodie, go ahead and pop him one, because you know anyone wearing a hoodie is sure to be threatening you.

In the wake of the Zimmerman trial, neighbors are reaching out to each other all across America.