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Trump’s Lapdog In The Dog House

In a stunning reversal of fortune, California Republican representative Devin ‘Fido’ Nunes, recused himself as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Trump administration’s ties with Russia during the 2016 election.

Nunes has received much criticism from Democrats and moderate Republicans for appearing to be CEO/Dictator Donald Trump’s lapdog. In the past couple of weeks, Fido has gone out of his way to make sure Donald Trump knew what was going on during the proceedings, which is a huge violation of House rules, federal law and ethics. But hey…when has that stopped the Republicans before. He is now under investigation for possibly disclosing classified information. Fido’s colleague, Rep. Ted Yoho, even said in defense of his friend, “Nunes is a man of high integrity and character”. Then he went on to say “You gotta keep in mind who he works for. He works for the president. He answers to the president.” No. No he doesn’t. Devin ‘Fido’ Nunes works for the constituents of the 22nd congressional district in California, not the President. He should put the people’s interest first since this is…you know…A DEMOCRACY.

Yep, Fido Nunes has been a good boy for his authoritarian master. We have no doubt he’ll be rewarded for his service like the good little lapdog he is.

American CEO/Dictator Donald Trump, lavishes praise upon his lapdog, Devin 'Fido' Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for breaking federal and ethical laws to keep him informed of anything bad the FBI is saying about him.

American CEO/Dictator Donald Trump, lavishes praise upon his lapdog, Devin ‘Fido’ Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for breaking federal and ethical laws to keep him informed of anything bad the FBI is saying about him.

TPing The World

The CIA has come out recently with evidence of Russia hacking the recent election in hopes of putting Donald Trump in the White House and the FBI has backed it up. It looks like even some Republicans are upset about the possible meddling of a foreign country in the American electoral process. Are these Republicans, like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, really upset, or are they just making it look good before the upcoming complete seizure of power that the conservative Republicans will inflict on this country one Trump is sworn in? Look at the headlines. This story should be the top story every second of the day and yet it’s already being relegated to the back burner by many main stream outlets. (Go to news.google.com and take a look.) If the situation was reversed and some foreign country had helped Hillary win, you know the conservative Republicans would be crying not stop and there would be non stop coverage.

Yes, American CEO/Dictator Donald Trump and his pal, Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin will almost certainly construct a new world order which will  bring unimaginable wealth for the corporate benefactors of both sides (mostly oil and defense industries) and make the rest of the world fear for their very existence. Hey the Cold War was good for business: at least those businesses related to defense and security. One thing will be for sure: citizens of this planet will have to do what Russia and the United States want or face the dire consequences. Let’s face it folks, planet Earth is screwed.

Bend over world, here come Trump and Putin.

With the forthcoming Trump-Putin new world order, the denizens of planet Earth appear to be royally screwed.


Much Ado About Nothing

As most sane people figured, the FBI’s reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails produced no new results. But at least both Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on one thing: FBI director James Comey will probably be out of a job real soon.

Tuesday is election day America. GO VOTE!!!

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump tell FBI director James Comey "You're fired!"

On the eve of the election, Republicans and Democrats have finally found something upon which they can agree.

Republicans: Making Russia Great Again

Several incredibly disturbing items of information have come to light since FBI director James Comey decided to make this farce of an election called Con-a-thon 2016 more excruciating last Friday.

First of all, this may be all to do about nothing. In clarifying his purpose, Comey stated that he said they may be a connection with Anthony Weiner’s email to Clinton, not that there was. And since there are over 600,000 emails to process, a solid answer won’t be known until after the election.  The DOJ has already filed a complaint against Comey and several former Attorney Generals, including former Bush lackey, Alberto Gonzales,  have stepped forward and accused Comey of wrongdoing. Well, how convenient Mr. James Comey! You don’t know for sure, but you thought you’d give into the Republican pressure and throw some kerosene on the fire.

Second of all, information has leaked about a possible computer connection between Donald Trump and Russia. Much has been made about the bromance between Trump and Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. Trump and many top Republicans have even stated that Putin is a stronger leader than Obama, completely ignoring the fact that Putin is an authoritarian dictator, which speaks volumes about the mindset of the current Teabagger Republicans.

Which brings us back to James Comey. Comey has said that he doesn’t believe there’s a connection between Trump and Russia and didn’t want to pursue the matter before the election. But yet, he was perfectly fine with bringing up the remote possibility of finding a connection between Weiner and Hillary Clinton before the election. We think your partisanship is showing Mr. Comey. We also think maybe unemployment may be an option in your immediate future.

And for all those Republicans who think Vladimir Putin is so great…MOVE TO RUSSIA!!!

Vladimir Putin welcomes Republicans to Russia and initiates them to Putin style freedom of speech and press.

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, welcomes with pointed AK-47, all Republicans who admire his ‘democratic’ style.

Comey’s October Surprise

Just when you thought the possibility of a Trumpocalypse was over and you could breath safely…

FBI Director and one tall dude(6’8″), James Comey, decided Friday that Americans weren’t stressed out enough about the elections and decided to throw some raw meat to Donald Trump’s drooling thugs. Comey, a lifelong Republican, decided to conveniently re-open the email investigations with a little more than a week left until the election. This investigation doesn’t concern emails on Hillary’s server, but emails pertaining to Anthony Weiner. Comey, claims that he just wants to make sure that there is no wrongdoing here or as one lawyer put it, he’s covering his ass. The DOJ promptly fired back with a complaint against Comey. We find it interesting, that Comey, who claims he isn’t a Republican anymore, has long had ties to them and he even did his thesis in college on everyone’s favorite evangelical theocrat James Falwell. What’s interesting is that back in June, Comey claimed the matter closed and that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue the matter. But here it is, almost election time (and Halloween)…and surprise, surpise – more emails! Maybe Comey had this planned all along like the Democrats are now claiming. Or maybe he is just covering his ass and making absolutely positive that there was no wrongdoing like he did before.  All we know is that this goddamn farce that is Con-a-thon 2016 can’t get over soon enough. Thanks for the added stress Mr. James Comey! Can we send our medical bills for anxiety and mental fatigue to you?

FBI director James Comey says that Hillary Clinton is too far ahead and decided to give Trump's easily pissed off supporters more red meat on which they can gnaw.

FBI director James Comey decided that there wasn’t enough tension in the 2016 Presidential election, so he decided to throw some red meat to Donald Trump’s rabid, easily pissed off supporters to make things interesting.

Pander Express

It’s the first week in July and the good news for most of America is that there is only four months left in the farce that is Con-a-thon 2016. Polls show that Hillary has opened up substantial leads in the battleground states, which has given most sane Americans a reason to breathe a sigh of relief.  But there is a reason for pessimism. Let’s face it folks; Hillary is far from perfect and has lots of baggage. We’ve felt that she’s moved to the right and is for all intents and purposes a moderate Republican and Noam Chomsky seems to agree. Her coziness to Wall Street is why so many left leaning Democrats and Independents (like us) ‘felt the Bern’ this past year.

Hillary and Bill Clinton also have a history of pulling stupid gaffes at inopportune times. Of course, Bill’s infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky during his presidency stands out as the biggest blunder.  Bill Clinton almost hurt his wife yet again recently. He reportedly met with current Attorney General Loretta Lynch in secret during a layover in Phoenix recently with the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s private email server looming.  Fortunately, for Hillary, the FBI found her to be ‘extremely careless’ but should not be charged of any wrongdoing.

In addition to Bill pulling boners (pun intended), Hillary has had a huge problem of appearing disingenuous to the American public. Recently, she talked about income inequality while wearing a $12,000 pantsuit. Several months back, while blatantly pandering to moderate Republican, she credited the Reagans for bringing awareness to AIDS, which is the exact opposite of what they did.

Throughout the debates and the primaries, Hillary and Bernie Sanders clearly distinguished themselves as the only adults in the room. If Hillary is to win the election, (and we here at the Bucket sincerely hope that she does now that Bernie Sanders is out), she’s going to have to cut down on the gaffes and change her duplicitous persona. She needs to aggressively attack Trump and the Republicans every chance she gets. She needs to play to win and not play not to lose, like her predecessors Al Gore and John Kerry. Fortunately, she seems to be doing that so far and Trump seems to be doing a pretty good job of self-destruction as well.

No doubt the Republicans will continue their witch hunt and character assassinations of Hillary. They’re already throwing a tantrum about the FBI findings. But it seems that fortunately, for her and America, she’s inherited some of Bill’s Teflon coating.

Hillary Clinton blatantly panders for moderate Republican votes, while the ghost of conservative icon, St. Ronald Reagan, makes a funny about the fallacy of trickle down economics, much to the delight of doting ghost wife, Nancy.

Hillary Clinton blatantly panders for moderate Republican votes, while the ghost of conservative icon, St. Ronald Reagan, makes a funny about the fallacy of trickle down economics, much to the delight of doting ghost wife, Nancy.