RNC 2004: Remembering The Fun

We’ve just had two weeks of the Olympics. Can we stand anymore excitement? In less than two weeks time, we’ll all be blessed with the thrill of the 2012 edition of the Republican National Convention starring Spiff Romney and that Ayn Rand lovin’ fool, Paul Ryan. To prepare for this earth shattering event, we plan to do a little retrospective. We will present some unforgettable photo-toon highlights from the 2004 Republican National Convention. Who could forget when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zell Miller and even Jesus showed up to cheer for the GOP.

Let’s start out with that ol’ maverick, Senator John McCain. At least he used to be a ‘maverick’ back in the ’80s. Actually, he was ‘maverick’ only to other Republicans, because he actually would…you probably won’t believe this… compromise  and converse with Democrats. It’s astonishing to believe but back before the 90’s, Republicans were somewhat civilized.

And of course, the ‘maverick’ is responsible for giving the world Sarah Palin. That should have been a clue that maybe he was losing it. Seriously, does anybody listen to what Senator McCain has to say anymore?  He said a few days ago, that Obama should replace Biden with Hillary Clinton. Really? That’s the best barb McCain can come up with to get under the Democrat’s skin? He should just retire to one of his eight houses and count all his money.  Here’s his big moment during the 2004 RNC when he cemented his 2008 presidential candidacy.

Senator John McCain sheds his 'maverick' label and tags himself with the new moniker of 'partisan tool'.

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