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VP Debate Winner: Super Fly

The Vice Presidential debate took place Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Utah and at least it was civil despite Vice President and modern day Puritan Mike Pence trying to do his best Donald Trump impersonation by lying his ass off and interrupting Democratic candidate Kamala Harris repeatedly. As expected Harris did a solid job and most thought she won the debate. Our favorite moment was when Senator Harris boldly stated (a few times) when Pence tried to interrupt her “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.” But let’s face it, folks; VP debates have always been a bit of a side show and usually don’t change voter’s minds too drastically.

However, the real star of the VP debate was the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head midway through the debate. But this fly was no ordinary fly. This scene stealing ‘Super Fly’ stayed put for almost two minutes while Pence rambled on with his propaganda and drivel. It’s become an internet sensation. We here at the Bucket noticed that the image of the fly on Mike Pence bore an uncanny resemblance to a fly on a pile of shit. The similarities are remarkable. We’re sure some alt-right, QAnon nut job will come up with some conspiracy theory that good ol’ Super Fly was some kind a miniature drone built by the Democrats in order to make Mike Pence look bad. Sorry, conservative wing nuts; old Puritan Pence is quite capable of looking bad all by himself.

The image of a fly sitting on Vice President and modern day Puritan Mike Pence's head during the VP debate bears an uncanny resemblance to a fly sitting on a pile of shit.
The image of a fly sitting on Vice President and modern day Puritan Mike Pence’s head during the VP debate bears an uncanny resemblance to a fly sitting on a pile of shit.

Despicable Debatacle

I don’t think we can describe the first Presidential debate debacle (or should we say debatacle) better than CNN’s Dana Bash when she called it a ‘shitshow’. The reaction from world governments was pretty damning as well. The Guardian called is ‘a national humiliation’ while an Israeli TV anchor said, “Condolences to America. . . it’s harder to sink lower than this.’

And who made it a shitshow? Why none other than America’s Impeached CEO/Dictator and petulant man child little Donny Trump. Good fricking grief! What an asshole he was! Joe Biden couldn’t get a word in edge wise because our megalomaniac dear Leader kept interrupting him like a goddamn baby. At least Joe Biden told him to shut up a couple of times. Normally, we’d not approve of that kind of behavior, but look who Uncle Joe was dealing with. Sometimes you have to put the crybaby in a timeout and let him think about what a little prick he’s being.

But what was really alarming was that Fox Propaganda ‘journalist’ Chris Wallace lobbed a softball question for Trump about denouncing white nationalists and the bellicose, orange haired prevaricator botched that, saying instead that Proud Boys should ‘stand back and stand by’. That certainly sounds like ‘get ready to rumble’ to us. Of course, all the GOP sycophants in Congress and the media have been in full gaslighting mode trying to tell the American people that they didn’t hear what they heard. Trump ass-kisser extraordinaire Sean Hannity was even gloating that Trump was a new style of mighty warrior. Holy Shit!!! What an addleheaded asshole!!!

The only thing the debate proved was that Donald Trump is a goddamned crybaby and shouldn’t be allowed to be President. But then again we’ve known that ever since he first announced his was running for office. Dealing with Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon, with Trump playing the part of the bird. The pigeon Trump will knock over all the pieces and poop on the board and claim complete and total victory, which is what Trump did on Tuesday night. We have no doubt he will probably try to do the same thing on November 3rd.

America’s Impeached CEO/Dictator and petulant man-baby Donald Trump whines that Joe Biden is kicking his ass and calls on his right wing thugs to save his presidency thus destroying democracy.
America’s Impeached CEO/Dictator and petulant man-baby Donald Trump whines that Joe Biden is kicking his ass and calls on his right wing thugs to save his presidency thus destroying democracy.

McSally: Trump Rubber Stamp

Wow! Two posts in a row on Martha McSally. Well, it’s election season here in Arizona and the GOP is at it again. We noted on our last post on how Martha McSally, who originally distanced herself from America’s CEO, Donald Trump, after his inauguration, has now drank the fascist Kool-Aid and is fully embracing the right wing crazy that is the modern Republican party.

On Monday’s debate between the two candidates, McSally claimed that Sinema was guilty of treason in a 2003 radio interview in which the radio host wackily started bantering about hypothetical situations and Sinema, refusing to give into the libertarian’s stupidity, suggested it was okay if he wanted to join the Taliban. To her credit, Ms. Sinema called McSally on her dirty politics. What McSally did is what Republican’s always do: they slice and dice only a small bit of what was said and never the full picture. Even former Attorney General, Republican Grant Woods, has called McSally on her bullshit. More often than not the Republicans accuse Democrats of exactly what they’re trying to do. like when Trump falsely declared that Democrats wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

Of course, Republicans are the masters of being irony impaired. McSally called Sinema’s actions treasonous while completely turning a blind eye to Donald Trump’s colluding with Russia during the 2016 elections and his open support for that ‘strong and powerful’ Russian president Vladimir Putin. We think McSally’s statements have earned herself a tin foil hat worthy of other Arizona wack jobs like former governor, Jan Brewer and former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. That’s right, Ms. McSally: keep drinking that crazy, right wing, Trump Kool-Aid.

What’s also interesting is that not only is Trump supporting McSally but also Trump’s supposed Arizona nemesis, phony, feckless Jeff Flake has endorsed her as well. Yet, the Republicans are trying to con everyone that there are differences within the ranks of the GOP. Now that’s fake news.

With healthcare on many Arizonan’s minds, maybe McSally’s abysmal record on healthcare votes will help sway voters to elect Sinema rather than a Trump rubber stamp.

Arizona Senate candidate, Martha McSally, earns her moniker of being a Trump rubber stamp by turning a blind eye to Donald Trump's 2016 election treason.

Arizona Senate candidate, Martha McSally, earns her moniker of being a Trump rubber stamp by turning a blind eye to Donald Trump’s 2016 election treason.

Baby Temper Tantrump

Mercifully, the last debate of the farce that is Con-a-thon 2016 is over. Probably the biggest moment of the debate was when orange haired, authoritarian megalomaniac and GOP nominee, Donald Trump, refused to say whether or not he would accept the results of the election. We really shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s behavior any more. For the last year and a half, he’s acted pretty much like a big baby, who whines when things don’t go his way and blames everyone else for his misfortune.

The strangest twist to come from the debate is that amid Trump’s charges of a ‘rigged’ election, the Donald’s bromance partner, Vladimir Putin and Russia now want to monitor the U.S. elections to guarantee smooth, safe, truthful democratic elections…because…you know…when you think of smooth, safe, truthful, democratic elections you automatically think of Russia.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for this stupid election to be over. Come on November 8th!

GOP nominee Donald Trump throws a temper tantrum as he refuses to accept the results of the U.S. elections if he loses, which prompts his bromance partner, Vladimir Putin to step in to assure a 'democratic' election.

Vladimir Putin leader of the world’s super democracy, Russia, steps in to defend poor, little, innocent GOP nominee Donnie Trump and guarantee an election result much to Trump’s liking.

America’s Ultimate Creepy Clown

Sometimes reality writes the best jokes…

There have been a rash of creepy clown sightings world wide recently. But nothing like the huuuuuuuge sighting last night in St. Louis, Missouri at the 2nd Presidential Debate. Yes America… Donald Trump is the Ultimate Creepy Clown.

Donald Trump stakes his claim as America's ultimate creepy clown.

There was a huuuuuge creepy clown sighting at the 2nd Presidential Debate last night in St. Louis, Missouri.

Pence Lies Like A Real Boy

The Vice Presidential debate was last night and as predicted is was pretty lackluster. What kills us is that many ‘pundits’ think Pence won the debate because he merely denied that Donald Trump said all the horrible, rotten, despicable things he has actually said during the course of the last year of this clusterf*ck that is Con-a-thon 2016. Since when did lying your ass off win you a debate? Oh that’s right, he’s Republican and the corporate news media is conservative. Hell, Republicans were claiming victory two hours ahead of the debate.

However, the Clinton campaign has released a pretty damning video showing the dishonesty and deception of Mike Pence and the Trump campaign. If Puritan Pence keeps lying like Pinocchio, he’ll severely jeopardize his chances of entering into his christian heaven.

GOP Vice President nominee, Puritan Mike Pence spins some Pinocchio-like deception by claiming Donald Trump called Mexicans therapists and not rapists.

GOP Vice Presidential candidate and modern day Puritan, Mike Pence, spins some Pinocchio-like deception and dishonesty which may hinder his chances of getting into christian heaven.

Lisa Clinton vs Bart Trump

The results are in from the first Presidential debate and the consensus is that Hillary Clinton wiped the floor with Donald Trump. As expected, Trump and his acolytes are proclaiming victory or claim that such things as a faulty microphone or a cold were to blame for Trump’s less than stellar performance. (Really, what was with the Donald’s sniffling all night? Gee, we thought Hillary was supposed to be the sick one. Why doesn’t the media spend hours obsessing over Trump’s health? Is he on death’s door or just doing coke?)

Which brings us to the bigger question; will the debate performance boost Hillary in the polls? Most people think so, but Michael Moore posited an interesting and disturbing response  with which we are kind of grudgingly, reluctantly and frighteningly inclined to agree. Moore states that even though Hillary beat Trump handily and may rise in the polls, so what… Trump will still win the election. Unfortunately and frighteningly, he could be right. Look at what has happened this past year. Trump has said the most disgusting, vile, repulsive, repugnant things that a person could say not just during a Presidential campaign but in general life. And what’s the response? His poll numbers are boosted! It’s exactly like Trump boasted last year; that he could shoot people in Times Square and his backers would still support him. Logic, reason, facts, statistics, science and common sense don’t matter to Trump supporters. Even our local rag, The Arizona Republic, endorsed Hillary for President; the first time in the paper’s history they endorsed a Democrat. Will it sway the right wing Teabagger Republicans in this state? Probably not. This race should be a Clinton landslide, but instead Trump’s blind, unthinking, sycophantic supporters and the lax and enabling coverage of the corporate conservative news media have made this election into a nerve wracking vigil for an impending, apocalyptic nightmare or the Trumpocalypse.

We noted a few posts ago about how Hillary is like Lisa Simpson and the Donald is like Bart Simpson. Unfortunately, America seems to have transformed itself into a country just like a certain cartoon town of idiots.

Just like on 'The Simpsons', Hillary 'Lisa' Clinton proclaims she is prepared to be president only to be obnoxiously ridiculed by Donald 'Bart' Trump much to the delight of the cartoonish idiotic citizens.

Despite being completely qualified mentally and physically to be President, Hillary ‘Lisa’ Clinton discovers that the cartoonish idiocracy prefers the inane, rude, crude, obnoxious imp, Donald ‘Bart’ Trump.

In This Corner…

Here’s a shocker: Donald Trump said something outrageous! In keeping with his daily blathering of nonsense, the megalomaniac, orange haired rage monster said recently that he’d love to debate, “But I have to see the conditions”. Yeah…right! Given the Donald’s penchant for wrestling in the past, we here at the Bucket have an idea of what kind of debate he wants; a no holds barred wrestling match with Hillary. Just think of the ratings! But be sure to keep an eye on ol’ hound dog Bill and Melania at ringside(wink, wink).

Democrat Hillary Clinton puts Republican Donald Trump in a headlock in the first ever Presidential Debate/Wrestling Match while their respective mates, Bill Clinton and Melania Trump, get to know each other at ringside.

Democrat Hillary Clinton puts Republican Donald Trump in a headlock in the first ever Presidential Debate/Wrestling Match while their respective mates, Bill Clinton and Melania Trump, get to know each other at ringside.

Sermon On The Pterodactyl

Recently, Bill Nye debated creationist Ken Ham at the Creation Museum on creationism vs. evolution. We here at the Bucket are fans of Bill Nye and we applaud his efforts to teach science, logic and reason to the American people, who in general are severely lacking in scientific understanding (80% Americans actually believe in angels). Now, we’re really impressed with him because  92% of respondents in a Christian Today poll concluded that Nye won the debate. Even conservative christian wing nut poster boy Pat Robertson said that Ken Ham should just shut up. So kudos to Bill Nye for having the patience to debate a narrow minded doofus, because if it were any of us here at the Bucket, we would have just said ‘screw it’ and thumped Ham over the head with an oversized cartoon mallet.

Ken Ham explains how Jesus rode a pterodactyl and Peter rode Dino to an incredulous Bill Nye.

Bill Nye realizes the futility in trying to explain scientific principles, reasoning and logic to a narrow minded clown.

Channeling Bad Presidents

We’re baaaack! We’ve been away for awhile. What did we miss?

Oh yeah. A hidden video which presents the true side of Spiff Romney (more on that in upcoming posts) and a lackluster debate featuring a lying used car salesman(Romney), who was channeling deceptive, former actor/president St. Ronald Reagan, and President Obama, who by using that tried and untrue Democratic strategy of taking the high road, ended up having that deer-in-the-headlight look that Dubya sported throughout the 2004 debates with John Kerry. But what was worse was watching the media cream their shorts about how great Romney’s style was (liberal media? we think not), even though he lied his ass off again. We’re hoping President Obama is just using a rope-a-dope strategy to lure Romney into a false sense of security. In the coming month, he needs to slam Romney on his dubious record with Bain, his refusal to release his tax returns and his ‘47%’ video EVERY chance he gets. If there is one thing we’ve learned in the past fifty years, you can’t trust the Republicans to play fairly at anything.

Here’s a photo-toon from our October 10, 2004 issue which depicts ol’ Dubya in all his presidential debate glory.

In the recent debate with John Kerry, George W. Bush shows his presidential side by smirking and performing that patented Bush maneuver, the sticking out of the tongue.