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Rewind: Saddam O’Reilly

What would the holiday season be without a nod to America’s own, self-appointed ‘culture warrior’ and General in the ‘War on Christmas’, Bill O’Reilly. Yes, let’s look back of one of Bloviator Bill’s finest moments, from our July 7, 2006 issue.

Back in June 2006, the Loofah Master commented that Iraq should be run like it was under Saddam Hussein, because at that time, for those with no memory cells, the Iraq War was a clusterf*ck and going badly, because…well…George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied to America and we invaded a country we never should have invaded in the first place.

Saddam O'Reilly proclaims that we should kill 'em all just the way Saddam Hussein did.

Fox News talk show host, Bill O’Reilly, whose only goal in life is to look out for you, recently commented on his show that America should deal with the insurgents the way Saddam used to by brutally killing all opponents. This of course brings up the question, ‘If we’re going to do exactly what Saddam did, why did we invade Iraq?’.

Screw Thanksgiving! All Hail Black Friday!

At this time of year, in the not too distant past, it used to be that people would gather around the dinner table with their families and friends, feast on turkey and pumpkin pie, play a little football, watch a little football, take tryptophan and wine induced naps and spend time with their loved ones, talking, playing and enjoying each others company.

Well, screw all that. There’s a new holiday in town and it’s called Black Friday. Why is this holiday replacing Thanksgiving? Because there is a thing in America called consumerism and it must me fed 24/7, 365 days a year or America will fall apart. Yes, thanks to a partnership from hell between corporate America and the ever pliant corporate media, Americans are bombarded with news of sales, sales, sales, even on Thanksgiving day. Hmmmm. Sales or family and friends? The choice is clear for today’s materialistic consumer automatons. Buy! Buy! Buy!!! And Bill O’Reilly thinks atheists are leading the so called ‘War on Christmas’. What a pinhead!

Screw Thanksgiving! Black Friday is America's new favorite holiday.

An American consumer automaton declares her love of the new holiday Black Friday, which replaces the much lamer Thanksgiving.

Celebrate Christmas or Die!

Do you need a last minute holiday gift? You came to the right place! Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly, whose only goal in life is to look out for you, has released a new book just in time for you to buy it and stuff it… in your stocking for Christmas, Festivus or whatever the hell holiday you celebrate this time of year. He gives key strategies on dealing with people who have non-Christian ideologies and how to beat the holy hell out them, all in the joyous spirit of the season. And with a foreward by Ms. Ubetcha, how can anyone refuse!

Bill O'Reilly book Celebrate Christmas or Die! : How to win the War on Christmas

Fox News talk show host Bill O'Reilly, whose only goal in life is to look out for you, has released a new book filled with strategies on how to annihilate anyone who has the audacity to wish you 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'.




The Gospel According To Sarah

Hey everyone…Sarah Palin’s back in the news. Yay!!!

We don’t waste much time on the Tea Party Princess anymore because…well…she’s a waste of time. But Ms. Ubetcha was out recently promoting her book on the ‘War on Christmas’ when she made comments about how Pope Francis was sounding kind of liberal lately. Really? Imagine that. Bill Maher’s reply to her ‘insightful’ comment hit the nail on the head.  Maybe she would like our ‘Jesus was a Liberal’ t-shirt as a gift for Xmas.

Capitalist Jesus, who is also very Republican, offers his support for Sarah Palin, advice on dealing with people of different religious persuasions, and suggestions for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season.


Save Christmas: Buy! Buy! Buy!

The last couple of posts, we’ve been railing on America’s favorite ‘culture warrior’, Bill O’Reilly, who’s only goal in life is to look out for you. He has been blathering on and on about the ‘War on Christmas’ for the past umpty-nine years about how atheists and secularists are attacking christianity causing America to fail and life as we know it to come to a cataclysmic end. Of course, he fails to mention the deadening effect of the rampant commercialism on christmas.

Companies start having all kinds of xmas sales earlier and earlier with every passing year; pre-Halloween christmas sales, pre-Labor Day christmas sales, pre-St.Swithins christmas sales… you get the picture. Corporate America has killed christmas far more than secularists. And it’s been that way for a long time. We are conditioned from an early age to want and consume. It’s a part of our culture. Who didn’t drool over the toys in Sears or Penney’s christmas catalogs when we were kids?. We are taught to want, want, want from the time we’re old enough to walk. Christmas has become all about shopping. Buy! Buy! Buy! But in Mr. O’Reilly’s view, it’s all the atheists’ fault.

So how should we save Christmas in a way in which Mr. O’Reilly would approve?  The answer is obvious: go out and spend like there is no tomorrow. The world’s going to end anyway on the 21st, right? (Wink, wink)

The only possible way to save Christmas and make Jesus happy is for every American to spend themselves into debilitating debt.

America’s Culture Warrior

It’s almost mid-December, which means that America’s self proclaimed ‘culture warrior’, Bill O’Reilly, is in the midst of his annual ranting about the so called ‘War on Christmas’. We’ve commented on O’Reilly before. He’s one of the neocons over at Fox News, a.k.a. The Republican Propaganda Network, so this ‘War on Christmas’ fits right in with the ‘journalism’ dished out on a daily basis there. Of course, O’Reilly conveniently ignores any facts which get in the way of his agenda, like fourth century christians declaring that christmas should be on December 25th because that’s when the pagans celebrated the winter solstice. Sorry folks; Jesus wasn’t born on christmas. But that doesn’t give us warm fuzzies, and if you’re religious it’s all about the warm fuzzies. O’Reilly has a cow because people say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’, yet the word holiday comes from the merging of two old English words which mean ‘holy day’. And yet after O’Reilly delivered performed a recent rant, Fox News showed a message which wished the audience ‘Happy Holidays’.

Here’s a photo-toon from our October 6, 2006 issue, which shows America’s favorite ‘culture warrior’ O’Reilly ready to slay all the evil, secular dragons who have the audacity to say ‘Happy Holidays’.

Fox News talk show host, Bill O'Reilly, whose only goal in life is to look out for you, has written a book, Culture Warrior, where he fancies himself not only as a protector of Christmas but also a defender of American culture. In the book, he names and analyzes his enemies so his loyal thinking impaired followers will know whom to hate.

Corporate Douchery

The fallout from Con-a-thon 2012 continues with more Republicans and corporatists whining about the re-election of President Obama. Ranging from Papa John’s CEO stating that he’ll have to raise prices on his pizzas a whopping 14 cents to cover the costs of Obamacare to other captains of industry firing people rather than cut their own obscene salaries. To add insult to injury, huge department store chains have cut their workers hours and salaries and decided to open up their stores on Thanksgiving as well. So rather than do the whole wholesome, conservative family values thing and spend time with your family, spend time in the store fighting other people for unbelievable bargains.

What’s even more astonishing is that people showed up in droves to the stores on Thanksgiving. So now it looks like Black Thursday will replace Black Friday and probably Thanksgiving as the big event in November. And ‘culture warrior’ Bill O’Reilly blames atheists for the ‘War on Christmas’ and not the greedos in corporate America.

Billionaire President and CEO of Juggermart, Lawrence T. Juggers, explains the consequences of voting for President Obama to the faithful consumer automatons who frequent his stores.