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Benghazi? What’s Benghazi?

The Republicans sure picked the wrong symbol for their party logo because it seems that they’ve already forgotten about Benghazi. Two of the occupants of the Republican Clown Car this past year, smuggest Senator alive, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, a.k.a. Marcobot 2016(oops he’s probably had new software installed, so Marcobot 2017), have introduced a bill that will cut funding for embassies throughout the world unless new American CEO/Dictator Donald Trump moves the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. This comes after three years of a political witch hunt on Hillary Clinton about the Benghazi incident which resulted in no wrongdoing found and wasting millions of taxpayers dollars. Of course, Benghazi could have been prevented if more funding had been provided by the stingy Republicans in the first place.

So Republicans basically want to rinse and repeat their disastrous decisions (sound familiar – trickle down economics, tax cuts to the rich, etc…) which will result in more Benghazi like attacks in the future. But then again, Trump is in the White House so the neocon media circus will cover it up like they did the 13 Benghazi like incidents which occurred during the Bush administration.

We’re also thinking that ol’ Marcobot may have some defective chips in his circuitry or a defective operating system, because this legislation does not compute.

Smuggest Senator alive, Ted Cruz, and Marcobot 2017, replete with defective logic and circuitry, guarantee further Benghazi like attacks with their idiotic bill that will cut funding for security 50 percent for embassies throughout the world.

Smuggest Senator alive, Ted Cruz, and Marcobot 2017, replete with defective logic and circuitry, guarantee further Benghazi like attacks with their idiotic bill that will cut funding for security 50 percent for embassies throughout the world.


GOP: It’s All About The Size Of The Hand…And The Penis

The GOP hit a new all-time low last week; and that’s saying something because they’ve been nothing but abysmal ever since the travesty that is Con-a-thon 2016 started last summer (Geez has it been that long already!). Yes, middle school students running for student body president are officially more mature than the grown-up Republicans running for President. It started when Marco Rubio, a.k.a. Marcobot 2016, intimated that frontrunner, megalomaniac Donald Trump, might be less of a man because he had small hands. Well Trump, being a manly man, wasn’t going to let that comment slide and suggested in the next Republican debate that he was all that and more. Really???!!!! The Republicans are comparing dick sizes????!!!! IN A  PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE????!!!!! No folks, this isn’t an episode of the Jerry Springer show or a bunch of drunks in a local tavern. These are supposedly legitimate adults who want to run this country, the most powerful in the world,…and they’re talking about the size of their penises.

We’re wondering what the last great Republican President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, would have said about today’s pathetic GOP.

GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, assures the ghost of Ike that despite having small hands, his penis is huge.

The ghost of the last great Republican president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, warns Americans of the two greatest dangers to their liberty: an unchecked military-industrial complex and a man with a small penis.

Jeb? No!!!!!!!!

Well the South Carolina primaries were this past weekend and there was another expulsion from the Republican clown car in the farce that is Con-a-thon 2016. Despite getting help from his brother Dubya, George W. Bush, (or maybe because of it), Jeb Bush bowed out of the presidential race. His campaign was hemorrhaging money and he needed a spectacular finish to stay in the race. Unfortunately for Jeb and the Bush clan, he didn’t get it.

Thus, that means that the so called ‘establishment Republicans’ will have to get behind Marco Rubio, a.k.a. Marcobot 2016, or Ohio governor, John Kasich, who somehow is still in the race. What’s so funny here is the con that Donald Trump is not an ‘establishment Republican’. He represents everything the Republican stands for: greed, business and industry above all others, authoritarianism, christianity only, white Americans only. He is the epitome of the Holy Corporate Empire or the Corporate States of America that the Republican party would like the United State to become for all eternity. At the beginning of this stupid campaign season, we thought for sure Jeb Bush or another mainstreamer like Scott Walker would prevail and that Donald Trump was nothing more than a red herring; someone so insipid that he made the rest of the candidates look responsible by comparison. Apparently the Teabagger wing has taken over the Republican party totally and completely. The GOP is officially and blatantly bat shit insane.

Jeb Bush bows out of the Republican presidential campaing with help from his brother Dubya.

It appears that Jeb Bush will have time now to help his brother George W. Bush paint pictures in the bathtub.