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Making Fascism Palatable

Since Donald Trump has ascended as America’s CEO/Dictator, we’ve noticed several things happening in the main stream media. One of the most obvious moves is the hiring of former Fox News personnel by main stream corporate media outlets. MSNBC has hired not only former Fox ‘journalist’ Greta Van Sustern but also Megyn Kelly. For those of you with the gnat like memory of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, we’ll briefly recap Megyn Kelly’s rise to fame as the most palatable conservative ‘journalist’.

She made a name for herself during the 2016 Presidential campaign by drawing the ire of Donald Trump. This was of course political theater; the Republicans doing a typical good cop-bad cop routine trying to show that Republicans are capable of harshly questioning other Republicans. Megyn played her part very well and for that she was rewarded with a job at MSNBC, where she now has been given a primo spot during NBC’s prime time where she gets to interview top news makers of the the day – and by news makers we mean top conservative news makers of the day. She recently did a much ballyhooed interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Last week she did an interview with right wing wack job and Donald Trump chum, Alex Jones. Why is Megyn doing these interviews? One simple, obvious, transparent reason; to make conservative, right wing, authoritarian fascism more palatable to the American public.

In an encouraging piece of news, her ratings have been abysmal. But we don’t doubt that she will soon have President Trump on to boost her ratings. Together they will make America embrace fascism whether they like it or not.

Megyn Kelly's new task as most palatable conservative propagandist is to make right wing wackos like Alex Jones acceptable to the American public.

Conservative ‘journalist’ Megyn Kelly, is using her new post in the main stream media to make right wing wackos like Alex Jones more palatable to the American public.

Jenner’s Shocking Revelation

Bruce Jenner recently sat down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer and confirmed to the world what many had already suspected; he is transitioning from being a man to being a women. He calmly and thoughtfully explained that though he is not gay, he has always felt that he was a woman and decided to finally make the transition. But then Jenner dropped the big bombshell; he came out as a….Republican! GASP!!!! EEEEEWWWWW!

We find it kind of funny that Jenner would be a Republican, especially when so many current conservative Republicans are so openly hostile to the trangendered. Of course, we also find it shocking that there are so many Log Cabin Republicans. Why would you support a group of people like the ‘compassionate’ conservative Republicans, who if given the chance, would leave you hanging out to dry with no qualms or regret. Some christian conservative Republicans have even called for openly killing gays. It boggles the imagination. Nevertheless, we’re sure one of the Republican clowns running for President in 2016 will no doubt use Jenner as a tool to get the transgendered vote.

Well, whatever. We here at the Bucket are not big fans of the Kardashian clan, reality shows or any Hollywood celebrities for that matter, so we say this to Bruce Jenner on finding people in the Republican party who will support your decision: Lotsa Luck!

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner, who is also transitioning from male to female, shocked the world recently by proclaiming he was a Republican.

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner, who is also transitioning from male to female, shocked the world recently by proclaiming he was a Republican.