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Children Of The Don

The adult children of GOP nominee Donald Trump made headlines this past week by releasing a truly creepy ad aimed at Millennials. Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. looked eerily like some combination of the Children of the Corn, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the Stepford Wives as they seem to be saying to their peers: Vote for our dad… or we will destroy you! It kind of makes us glad that we’re old coots here at the Bucket, and we’ll be kicking the bucket relatively soon. We’d hate to have to live in a world where these soulless husks of human flesh rule over humanity. At least they’ve got a future in horror movies.

Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump command millennials Children of the Corn style to vote for their dad or face complete destruction.

Donald Trump’s children, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr,  have released a new ad that commands Millennials to vote for their dad or face the dire consequences.

Fox Schooled By Teen Journalism Students

We absolutely love this video made by Vermont high school students. In it, they diligently and methodically point out how Fox News fails in fundamental journalism and ethical behavior. True, these kids may lack the polished delivery of a Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, but they make their point. Kudos to these intrepid Vermont teenagers; A+++. As for Fox News; they get a big fat F in journalism and ethics. However, Fox does get an A in propaganda; Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Looking Out For the Kids

If you’re looking for an educational Holiday gift for the wee ones, look no further than a book written by America’s own self proclaimed culture warrior, Bill O’Reilly. Yes Fox New’s biggest blowhard, who’s only goal in life is to look out for you, has written many a book in his day, but this one speaks to the kids and sets them on the right path; the far right path. Look for it at your nearest book store in the bargain bin.

Neocon talk show host, Bill O'Reilly, whose only goal in life is to look out for you, recently wrote a book to brainwash, er...make that, inform today's youth and help them navigate the mine fields of the evil 'liberal media'.