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Top Royal Baby Names

The world is going nuts over Royal Baby Mania! Why? We have no idea. For some reason, people are going gaga because some rich, privileged young couple, who happen to be a duke and duchess in an archaic, mostly for show monarchy that has no relevance in a modern democratic world, have just had their first son. Yay!  Now comes the hard part. What name are they going to give this lil’ guvnuh and future King of Britannia. Well, we’ve thought about this a long time…ahem…actually we just slapped it together at the last second…and we’ve come up with a jolly good list of names for the lil’ bloke. We can hear it now…(trumpet clarion) Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you…

  • Prince ‘Enery
  • Prince Spanky
  • Prince Wang Peng 
  • Prince Nigel Smythe Googlyham Witherford Helmsley
  • Prince Big Unit
  • Prince Voldemort
  • Prince Bubba
  • Prince Funkmaster G
  • Prince Slappy
  • Prince Snake
  • Prince Jesus
  • Prince Prince
  • Prince Dick
  • Prince Awesomeo

Fashion Smackdown

We saw an article on Slate that other day that commented that the most fashionable woman on the planet just may be Queen Elizabeth. Well, we couldn’t agree more! Here’s a photo-toon from our April 8, 2009 issue that comes to the same conclusion.


The much anticipated fashion smackdown between United States first lady Michelle Obama and French first lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy was spiced up even more with a third entrant, England's Queen Elizabeth.