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RNC 2004: The Governator

Continuing with our RNC 2004 retrospective…

In 2004, the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the darling of the Republican party. He had just become the Republican governor of the very blue state of California. There were even some GOP henchmen, who were working to change the Constitution so that foreign born people like Arnold could become President. But alas, the Governator veered to the left during his terms in office, actually working with Democrats and supporting environmental legislation. This, of course, meant he fell out of favor with the corporate loving, environmental hating right wing. Now he’s out of office, divorced from Maria Shriver, and back to performing in bad action movie revivals (The Expendables franchise). But don’t worry folks…wait for it… he’ll be back! (Come on…you didn’t think we could resist putting in a lame catch phrase reference, do you?)

Always the pitchman, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hawks some of his lamer movies to the pliant crowd.


Rewind: Halloween 2003

It’s Halloween again and speaking of ghouls and goblins we got to reminiscing about those glorious days of the Bush Administration. Here’s a photo-toon from our November 6, 2003 issue, when Dubya threw the mother of all Halloweenie parties at the White House. Those conservatives sure know how to party!

The Deficit and the Iraq Occupation make a surprise appearance at the Bush Administration's wacky Halloween party.