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Maybe The Problem Is The Pizza

John Schnatter, the founder and owner of Papa John’s pizza, recently came under fire for complaining that his pizza sales were down because of the NFL protests.

This from a man who complained back in 2012 that Obamacare would force him to raise the price of his pizza a measly fourteen cents to cover healthcare for his own employees. Let’s repeat that…his own employees. So Papa John is such a cheapskate, he doesn’t even want to protect the very people who made it possible for him to build a 40,000 square foot mansion. Boy, we thought we were misers here at the Bucket, but Papa John is definitely the World’s Stingiest Man.

Because of the stance against the players protesting, Papa John’s has become the ‘official pizza’ of the alt-right. To John Schnatter’s credit, he doesn’t want to be associated with Nazis so he’s had to come out and beg white supremacists not to buy his pizza. Too late Papa John…you’re one of them.

We here at the Bucket think that maybe Papa John’s pizza sales are down because the cardboard box the pizza comes in tastes better than the pizza.

A consumer suggests to Papa John that his sales suck not because of the NFL player protests but because the pizza box tastes better than the pizza and that he's a stingiest man alive.

A savvy consumer enlightens Papa John about the true reasons his pizza sales are lagging.

Consumer Blackmail

Polls across the nation show that Spiff Romney is behind President Obama in the joke that is … Con-a-thon 2012. Conservative Republicans must be panicking because now businessmen have just about taken to consumer blackmail to ensure that Romney gets elected. Papa John founder and CEO, John Schnatter, came out the other day and said that if Obamacare is passed, the price of their pizza will go up. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to predict that some businesses will try use these threats of higher prices to affect the outcome of the November election.

This should be no surprise of course since America has been a corporatist state for quite some time. The Supreme Court rules that corporations are people and they can contribute as much money as they want. So naturally they contribute money to the congressional lackeys who will do their bidding and give them maximum profits and minimum taxes. Or as Papa John puts it, shareholders are more important to corporations than the average American’s well being. Or put another way, if you don’t support the candidate of our liking, we’ll take it out on you. Sounds like corporatism to us folks.

Billionaire President and CEO of Juggermart, Lawrence T. Juggers, warns consumers of higher prices if a certain result isn't achieved this November.