RNC 2004: Zellzapoppin

Continuing with our RNC 2004 retrospective…

Remember when then Democrat, Zell Miller, made headlines by attending the Republican Convention and then exciting the crowd by saying if John Kerry had his way, he’d outfit the army with spitwads.  Fun times!  And then remember his meltdown when Chris Matthews called him on it. Hilarious! What’s even funnier is that the Republican sheeple actually believed Miller and voted to put Dubya back into office for four more  years of mind-numbing incompetence. And what has Zell Miller been doing since he’s left office. Well, he supported Newt Gingrich’s candidacy in Con-a-thon 2012 and is a contributor on the Republican Propaganda Network a.k.a Fox News. Nuff’ said.

Senator Zell Miller enthralls the crowd with his impersonation of a raving lunatic.

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