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Fashion Smackdown

We saw an article on Slate that other day that commented that the most fashionable woman on the planet just may be Queen Elizabeth. Well, we couldn’t agree more! Here’s a photo-toon from our April 8, 2009 issue that comes to the same conclusion.


The much anticipated fashion smackdown between United States first lady Michelle Obama and French first lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy was spiced up even more with a third entrant, England's Queen Elizabeth.

Austerity Fashions

Austerity seems to be the big buzz word in America right now with the economy limping along and no real turn around in sight. People are tightening their belts(if they have them) and looking ways to make ends meet. Here’s a photo-toon from December 29, 2008 issue which depicts the possible return of a fashion option from the Great Depression.

Fashion designers have brought back an old favorite for the current economic downturn.