Cheney: Lying War Criminal

Dick Cheney recently reared his ugly head again. YAY! In a Playboy interview, he said that President Obama was the worst president of his lifetime. So not only is he a lying sack of manure, he’s senile as well. Amazing how he conveniently forgets the eight years he spent as Vice President/War Criminal to one of the most egregiously inept Presidents to ever step foot in Washington. WHAT A DICK!!!

We started a policy here several posts ago that whenever Dick Cheney appeared in the press spouting his lies, we’d repeat his biggest one on Iraq. This is precisely the same strategy taken by the Bush Administration and the Republican Fear and Noise Machine, a.k.a The Republican Propaganda Network, a.k.a Fox News; to repeat things ad nauseum until the sheeple get it.  Every person in America needs to see this video because it proves that at least one very influential person in the Bush Administration knew the Iraq War would be a quagmire and went ahead with it anyway saying instead that we would be greeted as liberators. Bush and Cheney are liars and need to be prosecuted! PLEASE…take time out and view this video!

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