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Rewind: Reality Check

The election season is driving us crazy so this post deals with something remarkable thanks to the scientists at NASA. Recently, NASA’s spacecraft Lucy sent back stunning photos of the Earth and the Moon from about a million miles and half a million miles away that reminds us how insignificant we are in the universe. It’s not the first to show the Earth and moon together but it’s probably one of the best.

We’re reposting a pic from July 26, 2013 when the Cassini spacecraft was still operational. That probe sent back an astonishing photo of the pale blue dot through Saturn’s rings. We thought it appropriate to add a little notation as a reality check to the denizens of planet Earth that God and all the other mythical gods were created on that insignificant speck by the species of animal known as homo sapiens. That’s right, folks: God didn’t create man; man created God.

The people of Earth created God not the other way around
The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn sends a reality check to all religious people on the pale blue dot called Earth.

…And The Children Shall Lead

No satire in this post, just a couple of great links. This fantastic Flash app, The Scale of the Universe 2, shows the scale of the universe from the very small to the very large. The truly amazing thing about this application was that it was built by a couple of 14 year old California teens, Cary and Michael Huang. If you haven’t seen this app already(it’s been viral for awhile), click on the link and play with the slider. If more kids understood science like these kids (hell if more adults understood science this well), this planet would have a bright future. Great job guys!!