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The Seven Wonders Of Cactus Corners, Arizona

And now for something completely different…

With all the depressing daily shootings that are going on, we thought we’d do something Pythonesquely different and devote some attention to summer travel and tourism. We haven’t done a BilgeBucket List for some time, so we decided to highlight our fair burg of Cactus Corners, Arizona, just in time for the sweltering 110+ degree heat. Everyone’s heard of the Seven Wonders of the World. Our little corner of the desert has some splendid attractions, well worth your tourist dollar. So, in an effort to educate the world on the awe-inspiring splendors that make Cactus Corners such a miserable hell hole, America’s trendiest suburb, here is a list of the Seven Wonders of Cactus Corners.

  • Delores Romanowski’s Five Story Compost Heap
  • The Hubcap Dinosaur Statue at Prospector Pete’s Gold Mine Ride & Fun-o-torium
  • Raul’s Sex Emporium’s Tower, which looks like a giant penis
  • The Mechanical Gila Monster on the ninth hole at J.J.’s Putt-o-rama
  • The flock of pink flamingo lawn ornaments at Cactus Trailer Park Supplies
  • The melted ice cream stain of Jesus in front of the Dairy Fairy on Prickly Pear & Ranch
  • The melted ice cream stain of Elvis next to the melted ice cream stain of Jesus in front of the Dairy Fairy on Prickly Pear & Ranch

Top Alternative Summer Vacation Destinations For 2012

It’s summertime again in America. Its time for kids to take a break from school and adults to take a break from work to head out of town for a week or two and visit top tourist destinations such as Disneyland, Six Flags Amusement Parks and the dozens of beautiful National Parks which dot our great land. But there are many alternative destinations that are off the beaten path which deserve mention and visitation. The BilgeBucket staff has compiled a list of some of these unconventional locales for 2012. So pack up your things…it’s time to go road tripping! And no complaining or we’ll turn this article around and go back. For more strange attractions, go to Roadside America.

  • The Wisconsin Cheese Repository in Gouda Vista, Wisconsin
  • Dow Chemical’s Pond of Mystery, Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Three Story Outhouse, Sticksville, North Dakota
  • World’s Largest Zit on Megan Roberts’ forehead, Irvine, California (Oh my God! It’s like so huge!)
  • Prostitution Monument, Morningwood, Nevada
  • America’s Smelliest Jail, Swelterburg, Mississippi
  • Fetid Gulch, Texas: Roach Capital of the World
  • Grosse Margine, Michigan: Birthplace of Accounting
  • Laxative Museum at Del Weaver’s Twilight City Retirement Community, La Popa, Florida
  • Little Kenny Dawson’s Dead Sparrow in a Shoe Box, 723 Adams St, Butler, Illinois
  • The Palace of Debilitating Despair, Toledo, Ohio
  • Grandpa Wally’s Liquor Bottle Village, Big Little Horn, Montana
  • Atom and Eve’s Nuclear Waste Dump and Health Spa, Glowing Sage, Nevada
  • House Made of Tampons, Kotex, Florida
  • Hall of Idiots, Morons and Felons, Capitol Building, Washington D.C.