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Celebrity Look-a-likes

This was one of our favorite features back in the day. This is from our October 6, 2006 issue.

A favorite feature nowadays in many papers across the country is one presenting local citizens who claim that they look like well known celebrities. Well we here at the Bucket know a lame-ass idea when we see it. We’ve asked residents of Cactus Corners, Arizona which celebrity they resemble. The results will astound you!

WARNING – You’re not seeing double folks!

Phyllis Forman:The gals in my canasta club think I’m a dead ringer for Madonna; especially when I’m wearing my black leather equestrian gear.
Boyd Schnee:I think they’re just messing with me but the guys down at the gym say I look exactly like Michael Jordan.
Zippy:I don’t care what the other dogs in the Kennel Club say; Rin Tin Tin and I could be twins!
Nimrod the Clown:I’m always stopped by people on the street who mistake me for President Bush.