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Mr. Hannity’s Neighborhood

Check out this¬†classic photo-toon from February 13, 2005. Recently, Fox News’ own bastion of everthing American, had a blue ribbon neo-con panel on his show and their topic of discussion was how Sesame Street was too liberal and making everyone immoral. Too funny!! You see folks, it’s all Big Bird’s fault. If he would just carry an machine gun and cap everybody, all would be well with the world. Geez, come on Sean! You were doing the same thing back in 2005. It’s just rinse and repeat with our ol’ buddy Mr. Hannity. Watch the video boys and girls and see if you can count the number of hypocritical statements these eh-hem…grown-ups make. Link to Mr. Hannity’s Neighborhood.

2-13-05 – Neoconservative author and talk show host, Sean Hannity, has written an explosive new book exposing the hidden gay agenda of children’s entertainment.