Rewind: Rejected Super Bowl XL Halftime Shows

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the BilgeBucket Gazette. Our first issue was on May 19, 2003 and we’ve been shoveling it to the public, just like the corporate media, ever since. We changed our format to a WordPress blog in 2011 so all of our earlier material was archived. We’ve been reposting many of those archived articles, headlines, photo-toons, BilgeBucket Lists and other content over the past twelve years. In honor of our 20th, and because we’re sick of the current state of affairs in the world, we’ll be reposting more items from 2003 through 2009 throughout this year.

BilgeBucket Lists were a staple for our site between 2005 and 2009. They’re basically our version of Top Ten Lists which were made popular by David Letterman on his Late Show. We’ve already reposted many lists in our category BilgeBucket Lists. Since Super Bowl LVII is coming up this week right here in Arizona, we’ve decided to do our part in building excitement and repost a list from out January 11, 2006 issue which delved into the top rejected halftime shows for Super Bowl XL which took place in Detroit, Michigan between Pittsburgh and Seattle. The halftime show of that Super Bowl featured the Rolling Stones. Just two years prior, the infamous wardrobe malfunction took place. By perusing our list below, just think of the glorious entertainment we might have had.

  • Kevin Federline performs the soon to be smash hits from his upcoming CD while reclining in his La-Z-Boy
  • The Performance Art Group The Masturbators
  • Clem Haywood and his Farting Pigs
  • Howler monkeys reenact the entire first half of gridiron action
  • Kalamazoo resident Fanny Jean Jones crochets a stylish poncho…LIVE!…ONSTAGE!
  • Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert do a snappy song and dance routine to Jailhouse Rock
  • Tom Cruise jumps up and down on a couch while demonstrating his many cocky poses
  • Laura Bush performs her bawdy stand up comedy routine
  • Hillary Clinton performs her bawdy stand up comedy routine
  • William Huong and Celine Dion sing a medley of Clay Aiken hits
  • Poetry Slam featuring Donald Rumsfeld reciting the poems of 50 Cent
  • Janet Jackson exposes Justin Timberlake’s breasts

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