Turkey Day Time Out

While America’s Impeached CEO/Dictator and rejected, petulant man child Donald Trump continues his post-election temper tantrum and President-elect Joe Biden constructs his cabinet with little help from the Trump administration, we’ve decided to take some time off to catch our breath and regain some sanity and perspective on what the future holds for our country.

Let’s face it, folks: 2020 has sucked. Yes, Joe Biden won the presidency, but coronavirus continues to run amok amongst the human population on planet Earth and the Trump cult is still out there spreading ignorance, hatred and misinformation that is as bad or worse than the virulent pathogen. Let’s all just take a little time off, reset our compasses and maybe take a trip to sci-news.com and appreciate all the wonderful, amazing, spectacular things our universe has to offer, all made understandable by scientific inquiry. We’ll be back real soon.

Gone Fishin' - Be Back Soon!
We’re taking a break America. We’ll be back real soon.

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