Top All Time Baseball Nicknames

It’s midsummer and the baseball season is in full swing. Pennant races are heating up, the Hall of Fame has just inducted Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven and former GM Pat Gillick and players and fans are preparing for another exciting playoff season culminating in the fall classic World Series. Which brings to mind one of our favorite BilgeBucket Lists from March 13, 2005.

The Boys of Summer are known for their quirky nicknames, such as ‘Dizzy’ Dean, ‘Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, ‘Yogi’ Berra and Stan ‘The Man’ Musial. In honor of America’s favorite pastime, the BilgeBucket staff has decided to reprint our list of the best baseball nicknames of all time.

  • Lenny ‘Stinking Drunk’ Peterson
  • Bob ‘Puddinhead’ Wilson
  • Dave ‘Knucklehead’ Jenson
  • Ted ‘Cokehead’ Kowalski
  • Randy ‘Big Unit’ Johnson
  • Gary ‘Tripod’ Brown
  • Jerry ‘Two Inch Penis’ Mullins
  • Joe ‘Sheep Fucker’ MacDougal
  • ‘Assless’ Fred Markham
  • Henry ‘Superfluous Third Nipple’ Jones
  • Terry ‘Elephant Balls’ Smith
  • Harry ‘Roid Boy’ Engelwood
  • Kenny ‘Back Door’ Norton
  • ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson
  • ‘Sandals’ Sam Stone
  • ‘High Heel Pumps’ Dan Duvall
  • Dennis ‘Unserviceable Scrap Materials’ Sanders
  • Twinkletoes ‘Harold’ McGee


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